The Best Ways To Test The Pregnancy At Home

The homemade pregnancy tests have become quite common among the most of the females nowadays. This is mainly because it seems most of the woman as one of the easiest and quickest way to know about whether they are pregnant or not. Secondly this is one of the methods that can also save a lot of money of you.

Sometime the women have problems in going out of their homes in order to get their pregnancy tested so the homemade pregnancy test are most liked and hence most loved by the women. First and very common method is to use the dandelion leaves to test the pregnancy. The tester needs to collect the leaves from anywhere then need to pour the sample of her urine on the leans and now if the reddish blisters come on them within ten to thirty minutes then the test is supposed to be positive.

Another homemade product is named the beach which is mixed with the sample fresh urine and if the bubble comes or the product bleach freezes then the test is supposed to be positive. Wheat and barley were also used by the ancient women to not only detect pregnancy but also detect the gender. By pouring sample urination if wheat seed grows then the boy or is barley seed grows then the girl is being prospered and cradled in the womb of the woman.

What are the 1 week pregnancy symptoms?

Much physical changes in your body are not felt during the initial 1st week of pregnancy. During the first week you might also not be very hungry but due to the hormonal changes the probability is that you may feel frustrated or depressed. The other first week symptoms include the change in the breast size and its sensitivity. A mild feeling of frequent urination is also another symptom which is felt by most of the women during the first week of their pregnancy. In some women blood veins become visible on the breasts or some does also feel s little unbearable tension in the breast or in the nearby area.

A mild cramping is another most common symptom during the initial weeks of pregnancy. The cramping is also a 1 week pregnancy symptoms. It is felt by the one week pregnant women in both the sides of stomach. woman Increasing tiredness, missing period, feeling of nauseating, tendered breasts, frequent urination, bloated & sleepy moods are the most common symptoms in the women during the very initial week of pregnancy. Low blood pressure might also causes dizziness in the head.