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The Best Ways To Test The Pregnancy At Home

The homemade pregnancy tests have become quite common among the most of the females nowadays. This is mainly because it seems most of the woman as one of the easiest and quickest way to know about whether they are pregnant or not. Secondly this is one of the methods that can also save a lot of money of you.

Sometime the women have problems in going out of their homes in order to get their pregnancy tested so the homemade pregnancy test are most liked and hence most loved by the women. First and very common method is to use the dandelion leaves to test the pregnancy. The tester needs to collect the leaves from anywhere then need to pour the sample of her urine on the leans and now if the reddish blisters come on them within ten to thirty minutes then the test is supposed to be positive.

Another homemade product is named the beach which is mixed with the sample fresh urine and if the bubble comes or the product bleach freezes then the test is supposed to be positive. Wheat and barley were also used by the ancient women to not only detect pregnancy but also detect the gender. By pouring sample urination if wheat seed grows then the boy or is barley seed grows then the girl is being prospered and cradled in the womb of the woman.

What are the 1 week pregnancy symptoms?

Much physical changes in your body are not felt during the initial 1st week of pregnancy. During the first week you might also not be very hungry but due to the hormonal changes the probability is that you may feel frustrated or depressed. The other first week symptoms include the change in the breast size and its sensitivity. A mild feeling of frequent urination is also another symptom which is felt by most of the women during the first week of their pregnancy. In some women blood veins become visible on the breasts or some does also feel s little unbearable tension in the breast or in the nearby area.

A mild cramping is another most common symptom during the initial weeks of pregnancy. The cramping is also a 1 week pregnancy symptoms. It is felt by the one week pregnant women in both the sides of stomach. woman Increasing tiredness, missing period, feeling of nauseating, tendered breasts, frequent urination, bloated & sleepy moods are the most common symptoms in the women during the very initial week of pregnancy. Low blood pressure might also causes dizziness in the head.

Natural Acne Scar Removal Treatment That Works

Acne is one of the most common skin ailments that affects both teenagers and adults. The skin infection can lead to some unwanted behaviors which include the individual isolating themselves from the rest, inability to make friends among others. It is not uncommon to find most people with this kind of skin condition reluctant to leave the house.

Acne scars are left behind once the acne itself has dried up. The most important thing to remember is that this condition has lots of cure ranging from laser treatments to home remedies. The most recommended of this is the home remedies. Reasons being it is less expensive, the requirements are readily available among others.

One of the most common natural acne scar removal treatment that has been proven to work is, changing of the diet. A healthy diet will aid a lot in getting rid of the acne scars. The diet should include high amounts of proteins. The proteins will assist to rebuild the damaged skin by rebuilding the skin cells. The diet should also include enough fruits and green vegetables that will assist in the providing the essential nutrients required to rebuild the skin. Some of the most essential green leafy vegetables include spinach, kales, lettuce among others. Fatty foods should be avoided completely.

Lime juice is another remedy which is readily available in most homes. It is a citric acid that aids in the removal of the dead skin present on the surface. The procedure is quite simple. With the use of a cotton wool one is supposed to apply the lime juice directly on the affected area. This should be done at least twice a day for good results to appear. Honey is known to be a delicacy by most people. Besides this it can also be used as an acne scar treatment. Honey keeps the skin completely hydrated and prevents it from any further damage.

There are also some oils that can aid with the removal of the acne scars. Some of these oils are lavender oil which aids fading the scar away. The lavender oils effects can be seen after a period of weeks or less depending on how it is being applied. Tea tree oil has some marvelous effects on the skin. It contains bacteria fighting enzymes to fight the bacterium that causes the acne. Olive oil is another remedy to look out for. If the oil is applied on the scar regularly, it slowly eliminates the scars.

Another natural scar removal treatment is water. Water is the most common and widely available remedy for the treatment of acne. Taking enough water keeps the skin hydrated enough that is why experts advise people to take at least six to seven glasses of water. Water also assists in the removal of the dead skin on the surface and the generation of the new one. Ensure that the water being taken is properly distilled to ensure that no harm comes to the body. One should not forget to give the body plenty of exercise also.

Male Thrush Symptoms And Treatment

Male thrush symptoms are not as infamous as the symptoms exhibited by women. The reason behind this is not so clear except that they are not as evident as those of women. This is not a sexually transmitted disease since the fungus is already there but sex does contribute to its transmission. The detection is not so easy in a man which makes it difficult to know when a man has got thrush.

The symptoms of thrush in men vary from individual to individual. If you notice any of the following signs then you should see your doctor and seek thrush treatment.
•  Unexplained rashes that suddenly appear on the underarms, armpits and other parts of the body.
•  The feeling of general malaise and a loss of appetite.
•  Problems with the gastrointestinal tract that may manifest as constipation or bloating
•  Discolored and scaly nails which indicate that the infection is in an advanced state and the infection has spread to other parts of the body.
•  Painful red spots on the foreskin and head of the penis.
•  Men who have the foreskin will notice white flakes in the folds of the skin. Uncircumcised men are more at risk of getting infected.
•  Foul smelling discharge from the penis
•  Urination produces a burning and irritating sensation
•  Penile thrush symptoms may also manifest as athletes foot in some males.

Male thrush can manifest singly or a combination of them. These can be very painful and one should pay immediate attention lest the infection spread to other parts of the body. The doctor will prescribe the necessary medication depending on the severity of the infection.

There are natural ways in which you can manage male thrush symptoms and these have been found to be very effective for long lasting protection. This is because these remedies not only clear up the symptom but also go after the causative fungus and kill it.

It is important that male thrush symptoms are identified at the beginning of the infection. This will allow proper and effective treatment rather than when it is left alone to advance and spread throughout the body. It is important that you go to a doctor who will take a sample for laboratory tests to identify the cause of the infection. This will help you determine how to prevent the infection from recurring especially if it was not caused by sexual intercourse. The type of diet that you take can have a preventative effect if you are prone to these infections. Eat foods that will help strengthen your immune system.

Diet After Pregnancy

For the new moms the very important thing to be done for their babies is to eat the healthiest diet. It will not only be beneficial for the health of your baby but also to you. Here are given the most important things that every new mom should eat in order to ensure the health of both of you and your baby. Along with ensuring the health it can also ensure the proper growth of your new baby. The salmon is one and only very important food to be taken by the new mothers. It is also considered as the only perfect food for them. It is just supposed as the powerhouse of nutrition for the new moms.

It is also just considered as the best food for breastfeeding. The other things to be taken in the diet post-delivery are the low fat dairy products. Cheese, milk or yogurt whatever you prefer are the things which are considered as the best food for breast feeding women and especially for the new moms. Lean beef, legumes, blueberries, brown rice, oranges, eggs, whole wheat foods like breads, leafy green food, whole grain cereals and the water are the major foods post to the delivery. Water among all of them is most preferred things to be taken in order to make a balanced dehydration of body and be healthy as well as fit for both the mother and the baby.

11 weeks pregnancy

It is the time after the eleven weeks of pregnancy when your baby is supposed to be completely formed in the womb of you. From toenails to tooth buds all have been formed up to this period. It is the time when the length of your bay becomes equal to around the length of your thumb. Till this time the separation between the toes and between the fingers have also been done until this time. Now some of the bones of the baby have also been started being strengthened.

Now the task which is remaining to be done is to get the bones and other parts of the body of your baby to get stronger. All these things are required for your baby to survive outside of the womb. Some of the special experiences felt by the woman during eleven weeks of pregnancy are also common. Your nausea may now start disturbing you. In some women headache does also become common so you are not needed to worry for any of such things if you too are feeling them.

Alternative Methods For Managing ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder – commonly known as ADHD – is one of the most frequently diagnosed mental disorders in children from the ages of 4-17.  It is a condition that makes it difficult to concentrate on individual tasks, makes a person become very easily bored and frustrated, and often causes impulsive behavior.  People with ADHD have a hard time with time management, organizational skills, and often find it hard to secure and maintain employment.  ADHD also affects peoples relationships and self-esteem, and makes those who have it more susceptible to addictions and addictive behavior.

ADHD makes it very difficult for a person to function normally in school and at home – and it is more common than you think.  A research study conducted in March of 2013 in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine found that up to 7.5% of school-aged children have some form of ADHD.  That is nearly one in thirteen people – or one affected person in every third American household.

Traditional ADHD treatment usually requires a powerful stimulant, the most common of which are drugs from the family of amphetamines, drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall, which by the way are also in demand as “street drugs.”  Many people are understandably concerned about the use of these potentially dangerous drugs, especially when it comes to children.  No one wants to medicate their child if at all possible – and in many cases, the added energy and stimulation that comes from drugs like Adderall and Dexedrine cause different, worse problems in children.

There are several non-drug ADHD treatments that have emerged within the last year, and among them, the most prominent and safe is called neurofeedback treatment.  Using electroencephalography (also known as EEG) to record electrical activity within the brain, people can learn to become aware of their physiological responses to ADHD and exercise better control over their frontal lobe – which is the center of executive functioning in the brain.

Many who have ADHD will tell you that they think differently and it is true that their brains are “wired differently.” People with ADHD tend to have different EEG patterns than those without the disorder, so neurofeedback can help a therapist teach a patient to control their brain activity, usually through a video game.  Best of all, neurofeedback was approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics in November 12 as a Level 1 or best support treatment option for children.

Research has proven that Neurofeedback Therapy is just as effective as a regimen of 30 milligrams of Ritalin (methylphenidate) – a psychostimulant drug – per day.  After the treatment regimen is finished (usually between five and twenty total hours of therapy) there are no drugs to take – only relief from this frustrating and sometimes debilitating mental disorder. And the best part is there are NO side effects with Neurofeedback.